I realized Broca isn’t for me and would like to cancel my plan. Do you offer refunds?

We’re sorry to see you go, get in touch with us and we’ll refund you the remainder of your current plan.

What happens to my campaigns when my plan goes from unlimited access to limited?

You have full read-only access to these campaigns, forever. You won’t be able to modify core messaging or generate more content for these campaigns, but you’ll still be able to view & export the content.

When will I be charged if I pick an early access plan?

You will be sent an invoice set to expire at the end of May. You will not be billed until you complete that invoice.

How long will you offer the early access discount?

This offer is available until the end of April.

Will I still have access to the early access discount if I choose a different plan when pricing is launched?

No, please purchase the plan you intend to use when we launch. If your circumstances have changed please contact us.

What email account should I use for billing?

Please use the same email account you use for your Broca login.

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