Your competition may have more resources to throw at social media than you do. If you're the lucky one that's taken the lead on social, you need to keep that lead. Using the campaign builder in Broca, you can create content for all of the major social media platforms.

With a simple campaign brief, like you see below, Broca can create a slew of social media content geared for the social media channel you're targetting:

Using this brief, Broca will generate a sample landing page that you can use or hand off to a human editor for refinement, if you like.

What's important for a scoial media campaign, of course, is consistant posting. With Broca you can generate up to 20 peices of content at a time from your core messaging, basically filling up your social media manager for the next month.

Want to see a live demo? Check out this video from our founder Sid for a step by step walkthrough:

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