Creating a blog post can be hard, especially when you're just staring at empty space and trying to get started on a creative endeavor. Using a Broca campaign, you can get started with a blog outline and generate the social media content to match.

By starting with a brief description for your blog post, Broca's AI can generate an outline for your blog post to get you started:

Broca will convert this brief into an outline for your blog post:

After the intro, we have a few sample headlines and topics for your blog to highlight some of your benefits.

By default, Broca generates three paragraphs, like the one above. They may be a little vague, since this is not meant to be a whole blog post, but instead a starting point for a human creative to expand upon.

This is followed by a conclusion - we would recommend you have your human editors add a call to action at the end to really drive it home, but you probably already knew that.

Broca will also use this blog as the backbone for creating social media content, these:

You can load up this content into your social media manager to handle posting on a schedule to drive traffic towards your new blog post.

You may even want a landing page for your blog, Broca can do that too! As a separate campaign, you can enter the same or similar information into the brief to and generate a landing page for your new blog!

Much like the blog posts, we have a tagline and main value proposition. In lieu of the writing prompts provided in the blog post, you'll get some key benefits to highlight.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video from our founder Sid for a live walkthrough!

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