You can use Broca to create high-performing ad campaigns with long-tail keywords. Most companies should be doing this, but can't because they lack the time or resources - until now, using Broca!

Start with a Brief

In this example, we select the 'Product' type though you can also do this for features, ebooks, and other types.

Then, give Broca a bit of information about your product or platform - just one or two sentences - and provide the long tail keyword.

When you're ready, click Next at the bottom to generate your core messaging.

Core Messaging

The Core Messaging serves as a way to articulate the exact value proposition and key benefit for this thing you're promoting. Basically, why should people care.

The content generated here is based on a typical landing page layout. We generate a Headline and Value Proposition that goes into your landing page hero, and some key benefits that fill in the rest of the page.

Note that it's optimized for the long-tail keyword you put in.

Feel free to edit the content here. If you Re-generate, it wipes everything out and creates content from scratch.

When you're satisfied, hit Next to get some ad copy.

Ad Copy

In the final step, we use your Core Messaging to generate multiple variations of Google Ad Headers and Descriptions. Mix and match them in your ad campaigns!

Want to see how you can do this in just a few minutes? Check out this video from our founder Sid for a quick walkthrough:

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