Even if your product has a niche, better SEO demands that you rank on search engines for various possible uses for your product. To do this, you may want separate landing pages for each of your different use cases.

These landing pages can all look very similar - you can start with a sort of tagline or "hero" and a value proposition. You'll want your important details like how to sign up or billing information, of course, and some benefits you'll want to highlight for that use case.

Doing this with Broca is easy. You can create a campaign in Broca for each use case and generate value propositions and benefit outlines to rapidly create landing pages and promotional material to advertise on social media while you wait for SEO to begin attracting organic traffic.

Here is a silly ebook to help people through some tough times.

You can create multiple pages for the same product, each targeting a different keyword. That way you'll have hyper-specific pages that rank very well on Google.

This is where Broca can speed things up, providing me several landing page outlines in rapid succession by re-generating my core message:

Each outline was generated by Broca from the same brief and each only took about 15-20 seconds to generate. Simply copy the content generated onto your page. Mix and match different variations each time you re-generate.

Best of all, you can create social media and ad content for these pages to spread and share.

Want to learn more? Here's a video from our founder walking you through another example:

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