When you create a lead generation campaign, you have to create a landing page, promote it on social media, promote this on Google ads, and generally create a lot of content - that can take a lot of time and a lot of people.

Let's create an ad for a fictional Broca webinar:

In a matter of moments, I have a tagline and value proposition for my seminar!

Now, if you're planning a webinar or publishing an ebook, you probably already have a tagline, you know your value proposition, you may even have a good idea of your top benefits. If you're hosting an event or a webinar, you know the speakers. If you're launching an ebook or blog, you've already got a title and some summaries to reference. Using Broca, those few points are enough to fulfill all of your social media content.

Consider using Broca's core messaging to fill out your landing page - how closely does the tagline and benefits it generates match your own writing? It uses this core messaging to generate content for your campaign - attract your target audience - and promote your event or product.

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