Broca can be used to generate content to draw people to your website or product's landing page by drawing focus on your benefits.

When you enter Broca, you can create a branding campaign with a description of your brand or product goals and one or two SEO keywords that you would like to target. Broca will then generate your core messaging - this serves as the kernel for your whole campaign.

I'm going to use my local music store. They've got a great selection and an awesome store, but their branding needs a bit of a facelift.

Broca uses this brief description to generate core messaging. This core messaging is split into a tagline, a value proposition, and some core benefits. These can be used as an outline or rough draft for your landing page and are also used to generate content for you to use on social media!

You don't just need content - you need a LOT of content. Broca starts by giving you five samples for each channel or platform you selected - if you find you need more, you can click "More like this" on any content and you'll get another three new variations on that content. You can have dozens of quality Google Ads and social media posts at your fingertips in a matter of minutes.

Using this post as a template, Broca generates new posts, like these:

Want to see more? Here's a video from our founder Sid with another real-world example.

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