What goes into a launch for marketers? Designing a landing page, creating content, social media ads, and other copy, and distributing that material to so many different channels. This can take weeks of work for a whole team of people to design, iterate, focus test, and distribute.

You might not have a whole team, and you probably don't have days or weeks. That's what Broca is for. With AI you can do it all faster and with fewer people.

Create a Brief

All you need to do is give Broca a little bit of detail about your product and it'll do the rest. Check out this real-world example below:

Broca only needs a simple product description, basically your elevator pitch for the product, and one or two keywords you know you're going to target, and the AI can start doing its magic. Broca will use this to generate your core messaging and your channel content.

Core Message

Your core message is laid out like a classic landing page with a headline, value proposition, and three AI-generated benefits. If you're building a new landing page, you could use this as an outline for it. Once you're satisfied with the core messaging, click next to go to your channel content.

Channel Content

On the Content tab, you will have access to your channel content. This is all usable content that you can copy-paste into your google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter. We will be adding additional products in the future, so if you have any suggestions please reach out.

If you need more content as your campaign progresses, you can return this page later and generate more suggestions, or remove any of Broca's suggestions that didn't get traction for you. By iterating on your content, you can keep your ad campaigns and promotions fresh while generating more content for SEO optimization by cycling out old content for extra variety.

Check out this clip from our founder for more information:

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