Broca takes an iterative approach to build out your blog posts and landing page copy, to give you more control over the final form.

Blog Posts

To create blog posts, select the Blog Traffic objective when starting a new campaign. Give us a brief description of what you want the blog post to contain.

For example, if I want to write an article about the benefits of exercising, here's what I would input -

Broca then generates the Core Messaging, which is an outline for the blog post. This contains an intro section, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

You can take this outline and flesh it out yourself. You can also use the Regenerate button at the top to generate a new outline, and combine it with the previously generated outline to give you more content!

Landing Pages

If you need a landing page, select one of the other objectives. The Brand Awareness objective is great for homepage copy. Lead Generation is for copy that goes on your webinar or ebook signup pages. Website Traffic helps you create a landing page for a specific feature or product, and the Sales objective is great for things like product pages.

As with blog posts, we first generate a Core Messaging outline for your landing page. This contains a hero section with a tagline and value proposition, and 3 key benefits for the main body of the page. You can hit regenerate a few times and combine different versions of the core messaging to build out a full landing page.

What's In The Roadmap

Expanding the capabilities of long-form content is part of our roadmap. We are building feature to help you generate various sections of a landing page and blog post, as well as combine different generations so that you have fully formed long-form content in just a few minutes!

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