Setting up a Broca Account

Just tell us a little about yourself, including your company URL, the name of your company, what industry you’re in. Broca needs to know this information to know how to model your ads, like picking up industry keywords.


When you’re happy with what you’ve entered, click “Done”.

These fields are useful for Broca to begin setting up your company profile and drawing information about similar businesses when it makes choices about your content.

Creating a New Campaign

You might be asking, "What is a campaign?" We use "campaign" in the most general terms possible: Any product or service you want to create content for should have its own campaign. If you need ideas, check out our Use Cases library.


Step 1 - Give Us A Brief

This could be the name of your product, the title of your ebook, webinar, or blog post, or whatever is on the landing page you want to direct traffic to.

A brief description of your product is needed as well - just two or three sentences is enough, though you can feel free to add more.


Step 2 - Generate Core Messaging

Broca takes your brief and generates core messaging for your company, product, or campaign. This content is editable and will be used to generate the rest of your content - there's no need to go back to the brief to change anything.

If there are any keywords or important points missing, you can add click add benefits at the bottom to insert those important points yourself.

If you have already published a landing page or blog post, you can add some of your own core messaging from there.

If you don't already have a landing page, you can use this core messaging as a draft for your own landing page.

Step 3 - Get AI-Generated Content

Once Broca has helped you form your core messaging, you’re ready to start generating content. The first time you enter your campaign, you will see suggestions for each platform you selected when setting up the campaign.

Broca initially generates 5 pieces of unique content for each platform you selected. If you want more, you can always go back to the Core Message, hit the Update Messaging button at the bottom, and it will create 5 more. You can do this as many times as you like.

If there are any options that don’t work for you, just hit the “Trash” button to hide them from view. (Once you trash content, it's gone forever, so be careful.)


If you find an option that you love and you want more like it, select the “More Like This” button, and Broca will give you three new entries based on that content.


You can also come back to your campaign periodically with information you gathered from your platform or content management tool to delete suggestions that haven’t worked for you and generate new suggestions based on the content that has worked for you.

Broca remembers the content you like and will use this to influence future decisions about what to suggest. Broca adjusts and learns with you to develop a unique persona just for your account!

Using Your Content

Simple Method - Copy and Paste

Don’t worry about making sure you highlighted the whole thing or remembering what the keyboard shortcut is to add a link. You can simply hit the “Copy” icon inside of the content panel and paste the code into your platform of choice.


Coming Soon - Exporting as a CSV

Many social media manager programs have the option to import a CSV file, which is why Broca allows you to export a CSV file. You might need to check your program’s own guide or FAQ for instructions on how to import, but exporting from Broca is as simple as clicking the button on the content page.

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